Your Kentucky Lake fishing report for July, 2019
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This last week we have seen quite a bit of volatile weather. Lots of damage but no bad injuries that I’ve heard. With all the rain we have gotten, the lake level is going to go up. We prefer high water, but it can scatter the fish around. The good news of the water level rising is when the TVA starts pulling out water to lower the lake level the fishing seems to pick up. The current causes the baitfish to school up and allows the game fish to concentrate their feeding efforts. We have been pulling crankbaits and catching all different kind of species. Finally, on Tuesday I was able to find the Whitebass stacked up in several places. This new current will no doubt help the fishing/catching ratio. Fishing multiple styles helps keep us on fish. Water is about 82.5 degrees in the morning and 86 in the afternoon.

Lake conditions

The TVA has the water going up. This last weekend is expected to bring some heavy rains. If that happens, then we can expect the lake levels to rise because the Mississippi River is above flood stage already and there won’t be anywhere to put it except the lakes. You can see the levels at their website or app. As of now, Sunday, they have increased the lake lowering efforts and increased the current.

You can check the link below for more info. TVA has a phone app also.


We have been pulling crankbaits a lot lately. The Jenko fishing Crappie crankbaits have been our go to baits. The Crappies have been changing their color preferences daily so started out with multiple colored cranks is your best bet. Then narrow down their color of choice as you fish. 1.8 mph has been my best speed about 12 feet down in 14 to 18 feet of water. Sometimes the bay you caught them in yesterday is slow so keeping multiple areas to fish is essential. Main lake flats are picking up also. Keep moving and you’ll find them. Deeper creek channels have started producing some big Crappies lately. There is A LOT of minnows and shad schooled up in the lake right now. Good for us but bad for the baitfish!!

Whitebass and Yellowbass

This week the whitebass and yellowbass fishing has picked up considerably. Concentrating our efforts on main lake ledges has produced a lot of these tasty fish. My sIster Kathy was in this week and it was great watching her and my nieces catching fish all on their own!


Catfish seem to be everywhere on day and nonexistent for us the next. We only catch them as an incidental catch but those targeting catfish are doing well.

Bluegills and Redear

With the high water some gills have moved in. Gills I saw at the cleaning station had eggs looking like they were ready for spawning. Haven’t seen much quantity though.


We have been catching quite a few Largemouth mostly in the 12-inch range but we did get a couple keeper sized fish in the 3-pound range also. We have had several heavy fish lately too. Just under 6 pounds being the largest. We are chasing bait and so is every species of fish in the lake. That is why even tho we don’t target a species we still catch them. Lures we use mimic the baitfish so one never knows what might take the bait.


Thanks so much for the great day on the water today…with the best Captain!
—Kyle Thiene, Milwaukee, WI

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And that’s your Kentucky Lake Fishing Report for July, 2019.  Are you planning a Kentucky Lake Fishing getaway?  Check out our Kentucky Lake area hotel and campgrounds.