Freshwater and some of the best lakes in KY surrounds Livingston County.

The Ohio River marks the northern and western boundaries of Livingston County, and the Tennessee River and Kentucky Lake mark the southern boundary. The Cumberland River and Lake Barkley mark part of the southeastern boundary. The Cumberland River then flows through the middle of the county, merging with the Ohio River at Smithland.

Check us out for some of the best fishing and best lakes in KY.

Smithland Pool

The Smithland Pool was created with the completion of the Smithland Dam on the Ohio River.

The Smithland Pool runs from the Smithland Dam to the J T Meyers Dam near Uniontown, KY. The pool is 72 miles long and contains over 27000 acres of the beautiful Ohio Rivers waters. This river pool is well known to bass fisherman & is recognized as one of the finest fishing areas in the nation. River Access Boat Ramps

Livingston County offers Ohio River public access boat ramps at Carrsville, Birdsville, Dyer Creek, Givens Creek, Smithland Ramp (unpaved) and Ohio River Bayou Creek. The Haddock Ferry ramp gives access to the Tennessee River. For access to Lake Barkley tailwaters/ Cumberland River check out the ramps in Iuka, Pinckneyville, and Vicksburg.

You can check all Kentucky Waterbodies and Search for Fishing and Boating ramp and bank fishing access sites online.

Kentucky Lake

The largest lake in the state of Kentucky, the largest watershed on the Tennessee River system, a legendary fishing lake on the tournament circuit; welcome to Kentucky Lake.

The two lakes come within one mile of each other here and then extend south with a combined 3,000 miles of shoreline to explore. Grand Rivers is also the north entrance to the Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area.

With resort marinas on both Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, Grand Rivers offers unlimited water recreation. The marinas of Green Turtle Bay and Lighthouse Landing serve as gateways to the lakes for thousands of visitors seeking to enjoy boating and watersports.

Connecting the two lakes, you will find the heart of Grand Rivers, made up of an old-fashion Main Street area reminiscent of a simpler time. Downtown Grand Rivers offers a walkable blend of old Rivertown wood buildings with front porches and benches for the husbands, unique retail therapy inside for the wives, kids in line for ice cream cones, and a walking trail leading to gorgeous lake views and spectacular sunsets.


The second largest lake in Kentucky, Lake Barkley offers a variety of recreational opportunities for millions of visitors each year.

Lake Barkley was impounded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1966. The Barkley Dam impounds the Cumberland River near Grand Rivers, again providing flood control, hydropower, and recreation.

Lake Barkley is 134 miles long with a shoreline measuring 1,004 miles. A canal connects Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley at Grand Rivers, combining these two lakes into one huge water playground.

Sports fishing and recreational boating are as popular on Lake Barkley as they are on Kentucky Lake. Some visitors prefer Barkley’s narrower protected main lake, and calm seclude bays.

Like Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley offers a navigation lock for Cumberland River traffic.

Want more information on Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley? Make sure you check out Fishing, Boating, Area Golf, and Lodging pages.

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