During this time of social distancing stress, I find it so easy to put off doing the important things, to crawl back into bed for an afternoon nap, and to reach for that extra snack or cookie. I’m also spending too much time in front of the TV or computer screen.

By this morning, I was so frustrated with my laziness that I called a friend and confessed. Her response was a similar affirmation. It seems I am not alone in my lack of motivation, and sharing it with a friend delivered not only relief but accountability. We were both uplifted by this simple human connection.

I enjoyed a long walk after our conversation and made my to-do list of social distancing sanity goals. As a way to reach out, I am sharing my list here. We can motivate each other. You can make your list of things to do at home or in your neighborhood. Please Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy. 

As you choose activities, keep in mind the social distancing recommendations of the CDC. According to the CDC website, Social distancing means remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) from others.

And should you have to be out for food, gas, and other staples, make sure you wash your hands and wipe down surfaces.

Do your best to stay home, stay safe and stay healthy- do it for yourself, for those in your community, and for healthcare and front-line workers..  My thought is, the quicker we follow guidelines, the quicker we will see each other on the other side of crisis.

Here is my list:


Get Outside

In Livingston County, we are blessed with scenic lakes for fishing and boating and recreation areas for hiking and biking. And Spending time outdoors can improve your mood, energy level, and your metabolism.


Hunting and Fishing

Kentucky Fishing and hunting for 2020 are still open per statewide seasons and regulations (as of March 23, 2020). Open-air sites such as public lakes, streams, and wildlife management areas remain open. Yes, lone fishing time is on my to-do list.
The State Offices are Closed to In-Person Contact but Still Available to Help:
Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Website; visit for fishing and hunting license and for alerts and updates. Or you may call at 800-858-1549, or email Info.Center@ky.gov for assistance.


Hike/ Bike/ Run Trails

The Western Kentucky area boasts over 500 miles of trails and 200 miles of scenic roads. Native wildlife, plants, and wildflowers thrive in our woods, fields, and lakeshores. Our trail system is extensive. A daily walk is on my social distancing to-do list. If you live here, you can check out our Trails Page for a list of area trails.


Exercise Outside

Green and blue spaces are good for the mind. I’m taking my yoga mat and planning workout time beside the water. You can even do this one in your own backyard.


Play Golf

Several of our local Golf Courses are currently open (as of March 32, 2020). Check out Drake Creek Golf Club website in Ledbetter and Deer Lakes Golf website in Salem. Call ahead for fees, available times and social distancing guidelines.


Stay Connected

Connecting with others in these stressful times is essential. Reaching out to help others can boost your happiness, health, and sense of well-being. Do so by phone or online.  Remember, no personal contact.


Support Your Community

On My Social Distancing List- I will do one thing each day to support small businesses in my community. If you are in Livingston County, you can check out our Dining Page for restaurant carryout orders. Call ahead to cut wait time.  Many will bring it out to you curbside.

You can also purchase gift certificates to use later. Or, if money is tight, leave positive reviews for your favorite local places online.


Check on Your Friends

I talk to my family every day, but also on my list is to check on my friends. Call, text, or instant message to reach out to see how your friends are doing.

Additional Information

For the latest information on the coronavirus in Kentucky, please visit kycovid19.ky.gov.

Coronavirus and Kentucky Fish and Wildlife: find answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

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