The Friends of Land Between the Lakes announced a new program coming to the Planetarium in the Golden Pond Visitor Center this spring. The program, entitled Explore, is an odyssey to the planet Mars. The program will be part of the Planetarium’s daily program schedule beginning March 1. Three years in the making, the show illustrates ancient astronomy and the motions of celestial objects that fascinated Johannes Kepler.

Purchase of the program was made possible through grants from Rotary International District 6710. The four area Rotary Clubs that participated in this grant project include the Rotary Clubs of Paducah, Cadiz, Hopkinsville and Mayfield.

William Futrell, planetarium manager for the Friends of Land Between the Lakes, said “The Golden Pond Planetarium offers seven shows daily. The new spring show schedule begins on March 1. We are proud to add Explore, and grateful to the grant from local Rotary Clubs which made it possible for us to have it.” More information and the full schedule of planetarium shows can be found at:

The Golden Pond Planetarium offers a variety of educational and entertaining shows about the wonders of space and earth science.

Land Between The Lakes Association (Friends of Land Between the Lakes) is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to work with public and private stakeholders to educate, improve, promote, conserve, and provide stewardship for the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. More information is available at It is supported through business and personal memberships, gift shop sales and other contributions.

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