Hear the Elk bugle during fall Elk mating season beginning in September at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area

Peak bugling season is usually mid-September to mid-October and is one of our favorite times to drive through the prairie.  Late afternoon provides the best chance to hear bugling elk.  Male Elk bugle during mating season to establish dominance over other males and to attract the female Elk.  Males engage in other ritualized mating behaviors during the rut, including posturing, and antler wrestling.

Elk and bison are wild animals and can be unpredictable. Visitors should observe the Elk & Bison Prairie rules and remain inside their vehicle when these large animals are nearby.

The Elk and Bison Prairie is located just off the Woodlands Trace on Elk and Bison Prairie Road in Golden Pond, Kentucky, Land Between the Lakes.  The prairie is open seven days a week, from dawn to dusk, and features a 3.5-mile paved loop with interpretive stops along the drive.

Elk and Bison roam free within this 700-acre enclosed grassland habitat.

Biologists introduced elk into the 700-acre prairie in February 1996. The elk originated from Elk Island in Alberta, Canada.  Bull Elk can weigh up to 700 pounds.

The grassland is a natural habitat for elk and bison; however numerous other wildlife species also thrive in the prairie. You may spot wild turkeys, a variety of birds, small game, butterflies, and prairie mammals when visiting the prairie.

Purchase one-time entry at the cash/credit machine at the Prairie entrance. Purchase one-time entry cards or discounted bulk entry cards at Golden Pond Visitor Center, Welcome Stations, or any day-use facility.

Find more information on the Elk and Bison Prairie and Land Between The Lakes on the Land Between The Lakes Website.

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