Fall is Harvest Time at the Homeplace at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. Join the farm family as they harvest the crops and garden vegetables to preserve for the winter ahead. The farmers are busy fall plowing and firing tobacco. Admission is $5 for ages 13 and up, $3 for ages 5-12, and free for ages 4 and under with their family.

Homeplace Lead Interpreter Cindy Earls said “Fall is when the final stitches are made on winter clothing and quilts. The family will bundle up in their winter clothing made from their sheep’s wool. Rugs and heavy blankets are taken out of storage. The houses are made ready for cold, dark days ahead.”

Programming for the fall harvest time at the Homeplace includes practical skills which are still as valuable today as they were in past and includes:

October 13
Carving Pumpkins, 1 – 3 pm
Snap Apple Night, 6 – 8 pm (separate admission charge)

October 21
Cotton Pickin’ Good Times

October 27
Keeping Out Old Man Winter

Firing Tobacco (daily)

November 3
Candle Making

November 9
Farm House Friday – Sleep Tight: Woven and Quilted Blankets

November 11
Gather Round the Harvest Table – Churning Butter

November 14
Gather Round the Harvest Table – Beans, Cabbage and Carrots

November 15
Gather Round the Harvest Table – Pies

November 16
Farm House Friday – Homemade Bread
Gather Round the Harvest Table – Breads

November 17
Gather Round the Harvest Table – Harvest Dinner

November 23
Farm House Friday – Decorating for Christmas

November 24
Gather Round the Harvest Table – Christmas in 1850

November 30
Farm House Friday – Lye Soap Making

Staff and programming services for the Homeplace at Land Between the Lakes are provided by the Friends of Land Between the Lakes, a non-profit membership organization. You can support their mission by becoming a member, serving as a volunteer or sponsoring an activity. For more information, contact Jennifer Wheatley at jwheatley@friendsoflbl.org or 270.924.2014,

For more information on Land Between The Lakes visit the Land Between The Lakes website.

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