Your Kentucky Lake fishing report for April, 2020
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The rain has just inundated our area for weeks. TVA is pulling a lot of water but the average elevation is staying just above summer pool. The air temps are near 66 and water temps on Monday moved between 63 and 65 or so. A little chilly but crappies, etc., are being caught from 4 to 20 feet of water. If only we could save some of this wind for the dog days of summer that would be nice.

I am accepting reservations for trips after May 9th right now contingent on Govenor Beshear’s stance on out-of-state visitors. Customers of mine who have delayed their trips because of the virus will get first choice but plenty of dates open. All of my calls and emails now have been for mid-May and later. Keep watching for and reading the reports for latest info. The shutdown has caused a myriad of feelings, for and against, but I have taken the off-season to drop weight. Made it to minus 70 pounds so far and need 18 more to hit my goal of 200.

Wish me luck and get out and fish.

Lake conditions

The TVA has the water level staying at about 359.2 elevation. Even at summer depth I still follow my Lowrance maps and if you are not sure where you are then stop and figure it out. Always proceed with caution. The water level is around the norm or a bit higher for this time of year.

You can check the link below for more info. TVA has a phone app also.


We were spider rigging with Jeff’s for crappies tipped with either a nibble or minnow and holding our own. The Patriot jig (pictured) did best but we used a variety of colors. Now we have switched to pulling crankbaits about a week ago and our catch rate has picked up by covering more water. Some female fish have had just a few eggs left and some are still packed with eggs. I would guess the fish are in the bays feeding deep before/and after spawning. They do not all head to the bank at the same time. They are scattered but they are there.

Every fish caught yesterday was over 12 inches and one better than 14 inches. Have heard of people catching some shorts and that is great for the future. Fishing about 10’ to 12’ down over 13’ to 17’ FOW has been best. You don’t have to beat the banks for crappies. They are scattered. Darker colored cranks have been best so far and the Jenko cranks mixed with chartreuse and pink have been best.

Whitebass and Yellowbass

Some incidental yellows and whites have been caught too. Great eating fish and always a good fight.

Bluegills and Redear

Have caught a few gills. Reports I’m hearing suggest that on hot sunny days both have been getting near the banks. Mostly males right now


We have caught mostly smaller largemouth lately. None over 14 ½ inches long. We even had a 7-inch sauger, so at least we know the best tasting fish in the lake are spawning. Although that is debatable with crappie for taste.

Other Fish

We have caught a slew of carp and buffalo up to 25 pounds…quite the fight on our whitebass tackle!


My daughter and I had a great trip! Thanks and can’t wait to do it again.

—Kathy A.

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And that’s your Kentucky Lake Fishing Report for April, 2020.  Are you planning a Kentucky Lake Fishing getaway?  Check out our Kentucky Lake area hotel and campgrounds.