Grand Rivers Walking Trail

Hike Run

Location: The Grand Rivers Walking Trail runs parallel to Commerce Street and follows an old train route through Grand Rivers, KY.

Trailhead: Parking is available at several places along the trail. Park at the Visitor Information Office, the city parking lot on Commerce or in Little Lake Park. You may also park at the Grand Rivers Jetty as it is the start (or end) of the trail. The trail is concrete with a brick color border.

Trail Description: If you start at any point along the walking trail and complete this out and back trail from the end of the Jetty to the end of the walking trail at Little Lake, you will travel 2.18 miles. The trail is wheelchair accessible.

Sites along the trail include the Grand Rivers business district, Little Lake Park, Little Lake, and Kentucky Lake. Make sure you take in the views from the Grand Rivers Jetty. You will also find several historical markers along the trail.