Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail

Hike Bike Run

Location: This Land Between The Lakes trail spans across Land Between The Lakes from Kentucky Lake to Lake Barkley.  The trail runs parallel to US Hwy 68/80.

Trailheads:  Fenton(located at Fenton Campground), English Hill (located  on  US68/KY80), Golden Pond(located at Golden Pond Visitor Center), Meredith(located on US68/KY80), Sunset(located on RD 160 & US68/KY80), Devil’s Elbow(located on  RD 159  &  US68/KY80), Cumberland (RD 134 & US68/KY80) parking lots.

Trail Description: The Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail is 11 miles long and spans the entire width of Land Between The  Lakes   connecting Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake. This multi-use double track trail features gentle grades, and trail side rest areas.

With so many parking locations to choose from, many visitors choose to hike or bike a section of this out and back trail and then retrace their route to return to their vehicle.

The paved 2.5 mile eastern portion of the trail offers shoreline views of Lake Barkley and wildlife viewing opportunities.  The central and western portions are made of compact stone surface.  Early and late in the day, outdoor enthusiasts may see wildlife that call the  Central Hardwoods region home.