Land Between the Lakes , Ky./Tenn. – June 26, 2018 – Hunters can apply for firearm quota deer hunts at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area July 1-31. Potential applicants can apply online or call 270.924.2065 to apply by phone, Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. Application fees are $5 online and $7 by phone.

Quota deer hunt dates for 2018-19 season at Land Between the Lakes:


  • Youth Quota Hunt | Oct 27-28 | Age 15 and younger
  • Adult Quota Hunt | Nov 17-18


  • Youth Quota Hunt | Oct 20-21 | Age 6-16
  • Adult Quota Hunts | Nov 9-10 and Nov 24-25

Quota hunts provide unique recreational opportunities within the region and help maintain a healthy deer population. Land Between the Lakes features both adult and youth quota deer hunts. All quota hunt permits will be for one deer, either-sex permits. There is a one (1) antlered buck limit on Land Between the Lakes.

All hunters, must carry on their person the following items: Land Between the Lakes Quota Hunt Permit, Land Between the Lakes Hunter Use Permit, appropriate state hunting license, deer permit, and hunter safety card as required by state regulations.

Youth hunters must possess a state-approved hunter safety card. Youth not required to have a hunter safety card must carry a signed safety verification form available on the Land Between the Lakes website. An adult over the age of 21 must accompany and supervise each youth.

For more hunting information, visit Land Between The Lakes Hunting.

To find more information about Land Between the Lakes, visit the official website or call 1.800.525.7077 or 270.924.2000.