Your Kentucky Lake fishing report for August 25, 2018 From the deck of the Kick’n Bass pontoon.

We hosted all of our boys and their lovely significant others, along with all of our grandkids and a bunch of our other siblings and nieces for my 60th birthday and we also celebrated Diane and my 40th wedding anniversary! Quite a ride so far and yes it does look like I robbed the cradle!! To say that our lives are filled with joy is quite an understatement.

Kentucky Lake Fishing Report:  The last month or so I have been concentrating on catching fish from the schools of white and yellow bass. This time of year has the KnB pontoon sitting on the ledges. My Ulterra trolling motor is great to stay on top of these schools by using the spot lock feature. Of course, fishing in Kentucky lake is always a mixed bag of fish by the end of the day! Cooler weather this week has brought dreams of crappies being caught while pulling crankbaits. September and October are starting to look like fantastic fishing ahead!

Lake conditions

The water level is on a slow drawdown. We are at 356.5 and dropping some each day. You can check the link below for more info.

You can get the latest TVA info here:

Kentucky Lake Fishing Report Whitebass and Yellowbass

The whitebass fishing has been more on than off especially on when the current has been heavy. The yellow bass have been great this year and both are great at pulling hard on your line. They eat well too. SteelShad bladebaits have been great using a yo-yo style of fishing. Let them sink to the bottom and steadily pull up about 6 feet. Pause there and then tightline the lure back to the bottom. Repeat back to the boat. A LOT of the fish caught were at the peak of the pull up with a hesitation at the top. On sunny days we use the silver colored baits and on cloudy days we have used the gold blades.

Somedays we have been using 3/8-ounce inline spinners in white with a silver blade. Hit bottom then reel at a medium retrieve about 8 times around. Then open the bail and let the lure sink back to bottom. Repeat back to the boat. Jigging spoons have worked some also. All of these fish caught were on 15 to 25-foot ledges off the main river channel. Using my Lowrance unit on downscan has been the key to finding the schools of fish.

Kentucky Lake Fishing Report Crappies

Crappies have been scattered this summer, but they seem to be schooling up and that means all my crankbait gear gets put back on the toon. I’ll be posting another report in about 10 days with more of the crappie bite info. We have caught quite a few fishing for whitebass on the ledges this summer.

Kentucky Lake Fishing Report Catfish

We have not fished for cats exclusively, but we have caught a bunch fishing for other species. We have caught cats casting Steelshads and Ken’s Hybrid spinners. A lot of bluecats in the 3 to 6-pound range along with some channel cats.


We have been catching large and smallmouth bass. Several in the 4 to 5-pound range of both species. My new friend Larry had the time of his life with a 5-pound smallie!

Bluegills and Redears

I did not get the chance to fish for gills and redears this week but have caught some nice gills while fishing with bladebaits.

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